M.S. in Interdisciplinary Ecology (May 2007)
School of Natural Resources & Environment
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA
GPA: 3.9 out of 4.0, Grinter Fellow

B.S. in Biology, High Honors (Dec 1997)
Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
GPA: 3.9 out of 4.0, Bonner Leadership Scholar

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Rural Development Monitoring and Evaluation - Asian Development Bank, Mongolia (2010)
Watershed Management Certificate - US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, USA (2009)
International Conflict Identification - US Department of Peace, Washington, DC, USA (2007)
Backcountry Bear Safety - Yellowstone National Park, USA (2001)
Advanced Driver: 4x4 and hazardous conditions - Volcanoes National Park, USA (2000)


Whitewater Valley Tree Experts, USA
Urban Forestry Consultant
Managed communications restoring consumer confidence and profit margins following lawsuit and ownership changes. Designed a deployed company website. Authored technical articles on the economic value of trees, best practice for arboriculture, green planning, pest management, emergency response, and climate change. (10/2007-Present)

The Landscape Collaborative, San Francisco, USA
Co-Founder & Systems Architect
Designed and deployed online collaborative workspace for open source community land conservation modeling. Led community webinar discussions and meetings. Collaborated on group’s strategic development. Responded to bug and training requests. Merged with The Wilderness Society. (08/2010-3/2011)

Asian Development Bank, Mongolia
Natural Resource Advisor
Coordinated spatial data collection and information management. Created spatial models for water and pasture use. Wrote environmental assessments for development projects. Developed annual, monthly, and weekly work plans to target deliverables. Facilitated the development of technical working groups, among local NGOs, government, and academic institutions. Assessed capacity building needs of local and regional land affairs governance. Developed strategy for an integrated GIS. Wrote policy issue papers for Government of Mongolia. Member of the National Land Degradation working group. Wrote grant proposals, developed donor communications, and procured equipment. (09/2009-08/2010)
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World Bank, Mongolia
Wool & Cashmere Value Chain Mapping Consultant
Prepared GIS maps for sustainable livelihood project to illustrate wool and cashmere value chain development for publications. (6/2010) - background

Mongolian Women Farmers Association, Mongolia
NGO Development Consultant
Trained Director in social networking (video and blog) to enhance agricultural training and market support of poor women in Mongolia. Tutored staff in content development and data management. Photographed NGO services and created online video educational training program. Completed without shared language. (4/2010-6/2010)

Florida Museum of Natural History, USA
NSF Science Communications Expert
Authored floral diversity communications for $3 million NSF floral genome research and education grant. Developed partnerships with external scientific authorities. Created project maps, graphics, and online educational activities. Compiled stock photographic library. Edited and proofed science publications. Designed and deployed educational website. (1/2006-5/2007)

Natural Resources & Environment Council, University of Florida, USA
Resource Manager
Reviewed research proposals and selected conservation research projects for grant support. Handled grant program financial management and communications, including a listserv and newsletter. Processed receipts and reimbursement paperwork for project expenditures. Conceptualized and implemented grassroots invasive species removal, river cleanup events. Represented group at national environmental policy conferences. (8/2005-12/2006)

Alachua County Department of Environmental Protection, Florida, USA
Conservation Planning Intern
Modeled land use conflict using GIS to identify land conservation targets and predict future land use conflict. Improved metadata standards and prior data models. Researched pertinent state and county law for County Commissioner's conservation "tool box". Published public documents on government land use. Recording secretary for land conservation advisory board. (8/2005-1/2006)

Florida State Division of Forestry, USA
Research Manager
Designed scientific study to assess the genetic variation within and among populations of an endangered shrub populations. Established timeline, including work plans for remote and local teams. Modeled spatial and demographic variation. Conducted statistical analysis to guide ecosystem and natural resource management. Presented results at national science conferences. Shared methodologies and conservation recommendations with NGO conservation partners, government scientists, and policy makers. (8/2002-5/2005)

University of Florida, USA
University Instructor
Taught courses in biology, botany, plant systematics, and ethnobotany. Lectured on invasive species management, ecosystem function, and conservation management practices. Created daily PowerPoint presentations and tests. Managed online grading system. Counseled students on career paths. Developed checklist of local flora and fauna and led field study trips. (8/2002-5/2005)

New York Botanical Garden, USA
Curatorial Assistant
Photographed type specimens for online herbarium and edited images for publishing. Oriented visiting researchers to collections and assisted with donor tours. Created botanical database records. Curated and prepared documentation of cryptogamic (lichen, moss, and fungi) specimens. (1/2002-8/2002)

Yellowstone National Park, USA
Wildlife Program Analyst
Co-developed an elk-ecosystem conceptual model. Conducted literature survey and wrote annotated bibliography. Co-developed hypothesis ranking system for scientific publications. Identified major gaps in scientific knowledge and park research agenda. Assisted with presentation of review results to park supervisory biologists. The review process that was developed became the template for future wildlife management reviews. (7/2001-11/2001)

Yellowstone National Park, USA
Grassland Research Technician
Monitored and inventoried grasslands to measure productivity of grazed lands. Used dichotomous keys and park herbarium to key plants to sub-species level. Discovered grass species, new to Yellowstone! Videographed root growth. Piloted decomposition study. Measured soil temperature and moisture data.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, USA
Botanical Research Technician
Inventoried plant communities. Piloted seed germination study. Conducted endangered species searches. Planted endangered species. Trained in nest searching, mist netting, banding, and avian habitat suitability surveys. Trained to trap and collar, radio track, and mark small mammals (feral cats, mongoose, and mice). Monitored tree phenological, invasive insect, and weather data. Maintained Access database and proofed data. Lived above cloud level in remote tented field camp. (6/2000-11/2000)

Engineering Consultant Services, North Carolina, USA
Engineering Laboratory Manager
Managed environmental engineering testing lab. Collected biological data for wetland delineations. Conducted soil proctors and concrete pressure tests for safety reporting. Maintained and repaired equipment. Produced safety reports for contractors and consultants. Kept records. (1/1998-7/1998)

Moni Bates, Private Botanical Consultant, North Carolina, USA
Land Conservation Assistant
Trained in botanical consulting for commercial business. Created species checklists. Inventoried upland and wetland forests, photo-documented sites. Surveyed slope, soils, and forest alliances. Evaluated conservation priorities. Assisted with county reports for conservation easement records. (8/1995-5/1996)

North Carolina Agriculture & Technical University, North Carolina, USA
Endangered Sunflower Research Technician
Collected demographic data on the federally endangered sunflower Helianthus schweinitzii. Established permanent monitoring plots. Conducted habitat assessments. Inventoried neighboring plant species in plots. Compiled natural history for academic paper. (9/1995-1/1996)

Indiana University East, Indiana, USA
Vulture Research Technician
Monitored Turkey Vulture roost sites. Recorded wind direction and speed during vulture descents with an anemometer. Recorded banded bird sightings. Collected vulture pellets from roosts for dietary study. (6/1995-8/1995)


ArcGIS, ArcView, Fragstats, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, FileMaker Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, PopGen, Arliquin, Paup, HTML, Python, and CSS. Familiarity with Matlab, PC-ORD, SPSS, Drupal, Wordpress, SharePoint,and basic network management.


Implications of Population Genetic Structure in an Amazonian Herb, Heliconia acuminata (Heliconiaceae) - Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation Annual Conference, Uberlandia, Brazil. (2005) - poster

Conservation Genetics of the Endangered Florida Scrub & Plant Population Structure in the Fragmented Forests - Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, USA. (March 12, 2005) - presentation

Conservation and population genetics of the federally endangered species Asimina tetramera (Annonaceae) - Botanical Society of America, Mobile, Alabama, USA. (2003) - abstract


Loring, H, A Cox, M Gitzendanner, P Soltis, and D Soltis. 2003. A comparison of the genetic diversity of the endangered species Asimina tetramera with a more widespread endemic Asimina reticulata. Florida Plant Conservation Program of the Florida, Division of Forestry, Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

Larkin, R, J Treanor, H Loring, D Maehr, & G Plumb. 1999. Yellowstone elk (Cervus elaphus): Complete research synthesis and proposed research agenda for management. Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming, USA.


Member, Project Managment Institute (2010-present)
Chair, Climate Change and Communities Session, Society of Conservation GIS Annual Conference, USA (2010)
Head of Planning, Application & Development of GIS in Mongolia Conference, Mongolia (2010)
Office Manager, National Lawyers Guild - Gainesville, Florida, USA (2005)
Plant Collector, Florida Museum of Natural History Herbarium, Florida, USA (2002)
President, Outdoors Club, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA (1996)
Treasurer, Outdoors Club, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA (1994-1997)
Wizard, Chem-Sense, North Carolina, USA (1996)
Project Site Manager, Habitat for Humanity, New York City, USA (1995)


ESRI Conservation Biology GIS Grant Award - 2009
Natural Resources Graduate Council Award - 2006
Davidson Botanical Research Award - 2005
University of Florida Department of Botany Award - 2004
National Beta Beta Beta Biological High Honors Society - 1997
Bonner Leadership Award - 1993 thru 1996
Guilford Presidential High Honors Award 1994


Costa Rica
USA (Hawaii, California, Montana, Florida, NewYork City)